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My Annoying Friend

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My Annoying Friend

Post by The Black Knight on Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:04 pm

Name: My Annoying Friend

Location: Magnolia Town

Rank: D

Poster: "My friend won't shut up ever since he beat me in a fight, that I did not agree to because I was already injured from a job. Now he's being stuck up  and he's challenging everyone in town and even in the guilds. Please teach him a lesson to shut him up."

Description: Go to Magnolia town and find the client's friend James. He is a slim man with brown hair and blue eyes. Challenge him to a fight and beat him. Be careful he is a mage who uses Muscle Speak magic, a magic involving incarnation to increase and decrease muscle mass of himself and others around him. These are some spells he will use in the fight. (It is required for him to use him in your fight)

Muscle Punch/Kick: Chanting an incarnation James increases the muscle mass in either his hand or foot and attacks using this limb.

Muscle Loss: James chants an incarnation that decreases your muscle mass, rendering your physical, non magical attacks usless for two posts.

Full Body Slam: James chants an incarnation that increases all the muscle madd in his entire body and runs towards you to body slam you.

Minimum posts must follow the job creation system.

Reward: Will follow the job creation system.
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