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Olympia Aryes (There is something seriously wrong with me)

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Olympia Aryes (There is something seriously wrong with me)

Post by Olympia on Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:50 pm

Olympia Aryes/Rán
"She showed me what being human truly is and I gave her a second chance in return."

Basic Information
Name: Rán (Press here to listen to how it's pronounced)/ Olympia Aryes (Everyone just calls her using the latter name)
Nickname/Title: Stormbringer
Age: 20, but has the body of a 17 year old
Birthday: July 15th, x1674
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight (But not willing to mingle)
Race: Host- Rán, Goddess of weather, because she is the goddess of weather she can influence the weather, changing it at her whim

Personality: Olympia is an interesting individual in the least to say. She has two personalities that she shows due to the fact she harbors a goddess within herself which sometimes takes control of her body. One more often than the other. The two personallties often talk to each other in her thoughts since they are in a way separate beings.

This is her most common and more innocent of the two. Olympia is kind, quiet and humble. She loves her family and her guild with all her heart. She rarely gets angry, but due to her other personality people has the impression she gets angry quickly and easily.  She is also the more sensible and cautious, never taking risks unless absolutely necessary. However Olympia has a mischievous side of her. She likes pranks and jokes a lot and can be quite childish. Olympia often acts like she doesn't like Rán but overall she truly loves and cares for her.

In battle she is more hesitant and has trouble fighting. She prefers being supportive rather than offensive. She is quite good at formulating plans although she isn't great at putting the plan in action. Often when fighting Olympia gives control to her other personality.


Rán is a secondary part of Olympia. She is the voice inside her head. Being a goddess people may think she is kind and sweet however she is the exact opposite. She is very rude, sarcastic and quite vulgar. She gets angry easily which allows her to gain control of Olympia's body. She is a bit prideful and conceited. However she eventually learns to respect humans and other creatures alike. She genuinely cares for Olympia and respects her wishes although she often nitpicks her about it, she often acts like she is Olympia's big sister. She dislikes evil with a burning passion and wants to rid the world of it.

While fighting Ran is merciless. She doesn't care how badly she harms the enemy, just as long as the job is done. She often makes up plans on the go and is great at carrying it out. She likes things done quickly and easily so she can move on.

Physical Appearance
Height: 5’4
Weight: 133lbs
Hair Color/Length/Style: Olympia has blue hair that she allows to fall in thick waves past her shoulders

Eye Color: Her eyes are a very dark blue
Olympia’s Appearance:

Ran’s Appearance:
Special Characteristics: She has scars all over her body from when mages from a dark guild attacked her. She is also missing her lower left leg from the knee down from the same attack. She has a cloud as a prosthetic. (Yes an actual cloud, although you can’t see it since she covers it up)
Character Information:
Guild: Sabertooth
Guild Mark Location: Her right ankle
Guild Mark Color: Green


  • Strength- 0(+5 from Race benefit)=5
  • Speed- 20
  • Endurance- 20
  • Intelligence- 10

History: Will be explained in detail in the Flashbacks job
Face Claim: Juvia Lockster from Fairy Tail
Referral: N/A
Other Accounts: This is my Main (Admin account is The Black Knight)

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Re: Olympia Aryes (There is something seriously wrong with me)

Post by Desy The Catwoman on Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:02 pm

Desy The Catwoman
Desy The Catwoman

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