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Post by Melissa Devaroux on Sat Oct 17, 2015 7:40 am

First Name Last Name
(Insert a quote from your character here)

Basic Information
Name: Melissa Devaroux
Nickname/Title: Silver eyed knight
Age: 32
Birthday: 16/8/x1752)
Gender: (Is your character Male or Female. Agender? Trans?)
Sexual Orientation: (Straight? Bisexual? Queer?)
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Melissa Devaroux is a born leader, having gained great abilities when it comes to planning strategies, and him ability to tolerate an array of different people with different persona, from those whom are overly clingy to those who you would prefer just to give a smack too. As a leader many would want them to be head strong, and willing to sacrifice their own pawns, this is not the case for Melissa, whom believes each life under him command is unique and is required. He takes personally the loss of each comrades life when under him own command. He will go to surprising lengths in order to betray hem, even if that means fully disobeying direct orders from those higher up than he is. What adds to him ability as leader, is he capability to adapt a plan, whether creating full, elaborate schemes, to improvising on the spot, he female will do it all.

He is not one to take sides during arguments, not willing to allow himself to be drawn in to such things, generally Melissa will try to diffuse he situation kindly, if not and it is at all possible, he will not fret with pulling he good old, I order you to shut up card. What may be unique about Melissa, is that he does not look down upon those around him, whether he mage be of low calibre or one of the highest ranking, he will treat everyone with the respect they deserve, and what they deserve depends on how hey act, their attitude and how they hold themselves. If they are rude, intolerable and simply arrogant, he silver eyed female will be short with hem, speaking to hem only when one hundred percent necessary, yet if these type of people are in him unit, or apart of him squad, then he same rules apply, he will put him own life on the line to try to protect such arrogance. Due to this, and the fact that he refuses to belittle or seem condescending to the weaker mages, he seems to have developed a rather large fan based of young and fresh wizards.

Now though him power may be deemed weak to some people and strong to others, him capabilities are surely granted some form of justification from those whom have a superior power, even due to him power, he is rather cautious, he does not act upon a whim, or making hasty conclusions. He often makes careful and well planned deductions, before coming to a final and full decision. He is willing to offer up theories on the spot but refuses to proceed, an ability that he has is him dedication, when him mind is set to something, very little can actually persuade him to stop. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to find whatever it is he is looking for.

When he was a wizard in training, Melissa was a problem child, he was constantly causing trouble for him guild, him abilities and name, this being the Fairy Tail guild, as a child he was constantly pulling pranks, annoying guild mates and even accidentally started a guild war between Fairy Tail and Blue Pegasus. What was shown to be incredibly powerful even as a child, was him enormous will power, he was full of joy and laughter, yet had this innate capability to entice others with that will power, yet after he death of a friend caused by him childishness and idiocy him demeanour changed. No longer a carefree child no longer one who would childishly joke around, Him demeanour became cold and aloof, he did not like going out as a squad, he turned completely around and tried to push people away, believing he colder he was he less chance he would have of having anyone else killed. Him cold behaviour is such that he begun to physically strike those whom would take a shine to him, within he guild.

Many would thus deem him, emotionless and cold, this persona able to be switched now after breaking it of course. Although he may look composed, and able to hold this composure, it can be broken and him burning desire and will shine through, him willingness to through him life away for those in him squadron, for those whom he shows no emotion or caring for, When he is pushed to the edge, from him comrades being killed, he can lose all of him intelligence and simply rush in on instinct and anger, regardless of the danger he faces. Due to him demeanour and him physical nature with the guild, he was eventually ordered to leave, this broke him, he had not expected to be booted, but he knew it was for the best, now he did not need to worry about being he reason him guild was murdered.

Over the years of him being guild less, Melissa became a merciless, and solitary killer, whom would accept any assignment no matter how hard it was deemed to be, naturally these assignments were always within the law. Despite developing this nature, this violent streak that caused many to turn away from him, he still refused to demean his power of others, he still held that initial kind spark that halted him from going over the line, the had this unique and dangerous personality that was as fragile and as cold as ice. He still held the guild in heart, he still felt heartbroken at being exiled and felt despair that he had pushed all him friends, all him family away. Him cold outward persona was what he had aspired, what he had created and what he used to protect himself, this persona had he rune knights seek him out, soon enough he earned the title "The Silver Eyed Knight".

Physical Appearance

Height: 5"3
Weight: 48.9kg's
Hair Color/Length: Melissa hair is generally long and straight, though she will occasionally be seen with it in an upwards style, her hair colour is blond.
Eye Color: Silver

Melissa is a female of unique attributes, her blond hair generally straight, flowing down to the nape of her back, sometimes it is placed in a ponytail. white skin with beautiful silver eyes. The young female bears an attire that in true fashion helps lend to her alias, the knight like armour is thin and light thus provides minor protection but does not hamper speed, her demeanour is one of power and influence, standing straight and rarely slouching, she does let her "hair down" and can have fun.
Special Characteristics: N/A

Character Information:
Guild: ..
Guild Mark Location: Abdomen
Guild Mark Color: Green

  • Strength-
  • Speed-
  • Endurance-
  • Intelligence-

History: -
Face Claim: Miria - Claymore
Referral: Link on PN
Other Accounts: 1st

Melissa Devaroux

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