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The Mysterious Man DONE

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The Mysterious Man DONE

Post by Huashi on Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:29 pm

Mith Myth

"There is no room for you under my boot."

Basic Information
Name:Mith Myth
Nickname/Title: The Last Horseman
Age: Unknown
Birthday: October 31st
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Undead - He is a skeleton made of bones. As such he has no need for food, drink or rest. He also contains little to few emotions.

Personality: He likes to destroy things. He will often lurk about, changing his mask, as if he's changing his perspective on the world. It isn't that he can't focus, he just chooses not to. He is not once to pick a fight with people, but will often turn into a fit of rage and angst should he find himself backed up against the wall. He is peaceful in ethics, but savage in his behaviors. He can easily focus on things and multitask at the same time. Which means that whilst an enemy tries to flank him, he would think through many situations and variables he could do to overcome them and beat their asses. He has a six sense, the eye of the warrior. Most people practicing in melee combat own this eye. It's not a real sense, of course, but it's a figurative sense.

He gets prude sometimes. In his own home, he feels very secure and at ease. It's the only place where he might lower his guard for a second or two. Whenever he walks into an alley and he hears footsteps behind him he would think hard and predict what would happen in two seconds, including every variable for himself and the stranger walking into the alley. Which would make him paranoid. The reason why he's paranoid can be traced to the reason why his guard is always up which is caused by the fact that he lowered it once and it caused death. He mostly does the most humane thing to do when he requires to do so. If he finds someone on the verge of death and knows that there's no way of him surviving he would end their life painlessly. He is not one to keep people waiting, but he is also one to get distracted easily.

Physical Appearance
Height: 6'3"
Weight:  67lbs
Hair Color/Length/Style: N/A
Eye Color: Glowing Red
Appearance: [See Image above]
Special Characteristics: N/A

Character Information:
Guild: Guildless
Guild Mark Location: Back of Skull
Guild Mark Color: Tan

  • Strength-5
  • Speed-20
  • Endurance-5
  • Intelligence-20

History: N/A
Face Claim: N/A
Referral: Followed Links
Other Accounts: Main

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Re: The Mysterious Man DONE

Post by Huashi on Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:54 am


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Re: The Mysterious Man DONE

Post by Noah T. on Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:57 am



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Noah T.
Noah T.

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Re: The Mysterious Man DONE

Post by Sponsored content

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