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The Races of Fiore

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The Races of Fiore Empty The Races of Fiore

Post by Gertrude on Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:10 pm

Races in Fiore

People from all across the world had traveled to Fiore. Now there are various races that now resides at Fiore. Here are a list of races your character may be when we start out. If you wish to take a race, please state so in your character app. If you chose not to be a human, you can't pick a linage.

Note: You may create your own race, however, staff will grade your extra ability and choose where to place the stat boost.

Humans: This is the most basic and most predominate race in Fiore. You will meet a human nearly everywhere you go. Although humans do not possess any special innate powers their loyalty and willpower makes up for it. No stat or ability boost.

Animal Hybrids: Animal hybrids are as the name suggest. They are half human and half animal. The most common animals are cats and wolves, although it is possible for something like an elephant animal hybrid. Animal hybrids have special characteristics their animal counterpart has (ex. cat animal hybrids have their ears and tails). They also possess the ability to transform into that animal for three posts. +5 points in a single stat. Will be decided by staff depending one the animal.

Mermaid/Mermans: Mermaids and mermans are humans with the upper body of a human and lower body of a fish. This race will gain human legs when they are out of water, however often colorful scales decorate their legs. Mermaids and mermans have the ability to breath underwater. +5 points in speed while in water. -5 points in endurance under water. +5 endurance in ground.

Angels: Angels are mythical beings from the heavens. They are the embodiment of pureness and light. However angels that are sent down from the heavens are a different story. They often are fallen angels, those who have turned to the evil path. However there are other angels, those who chosen to go down to earthland to become a guardian angel. All angels have the ability to sprout wings and fly. +5 points in Intelligence.

Elves: Elves are wise and mythical beings. They have supernatural beauty which attracts in all races. The most noticeable characteristic of this race is their signature pointy ears. Elves do not need sleep, but instead they rather only need to meditate for a few hours. +5 points in speed.

Fairies: Fairies are tiny mythical beings. They are often the size of a nutshell although they do have the ability to grow and shrink. Fairies can summon a pair of wings on their back, but their flight time is limited, they can only fly for three post before their wings disappear. +5 points in speed. They lose this when they shrink.

Hosts: Hosts are gods or demons who have chosen to be reborn as humans (being born as babies or using the bodies of dying humans to give them a second chance.) Being humans they share the same physiology as them. However Hosts have the ability to take the form of the deities they once were for three posts. +5 points in Strength.

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