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Sick Beasts

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Sick Beasts Empty Sick Beasts

Post by The Black Knight on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:52 pm

Name: Sick Beasts

Location: East Forest or Lilac Forest

Rank: D

Poster: "A disease is plaguing the critters of our forest, it's horrible. Fortunately I think I can find a cure, but I will need some of those critters to study them and try out the cure. Please take these traps, set them out in the forest and wait for them to trap a creature. Bring me back about 6 critters, it doesn't matter what kind. Just be careful of other creatures which might get stuck in the traps as well, they might not be as friendly."

Description: Go to the forest and catch six types of animals. However the strange disease seemed to make the animals aggressive and they will attack you when they see you. You can either knock out thr animal or kill them, however the client will be much happier with the former and will pay you better. Roll the monster dice 6 times.

Weak: These critters are just squirrels and bunnies. They don't do much damage but their teeth are quite strong and it hurts when they bite you.

Normal: Wolves are your new critters. Their bite attacks hurt much more and does more damage than the smaller animals did.

Mountain Lions: These felines are the most aggressive of them all. They can put up a good fight, their bite and slash attack are so vicious it can even cause death so be very careful
13 posts minimum each. Minus 2 posts per each other team mate.

Reward: 4,000 jewels. Loses 500J if you give a dead animal.
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