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Magic System

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Magic System Empty Magic System

Post by Gertrude on Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:46 pm

Magic System

Magic is the main way of fighting here in Fairy Tail United, and while you don't necessarily have to use spells to defeat your enemies, you mostly will. When you create a character, you are given 4 starting D rank spells. When you make a spell, you need to consider their following points which you can increase with your own stats. The power of each spell will only be measured by their respective rank with the following numbers:

Offensive Spell power:
D Rank: 100
C Rank: 200
B Rank: 400
A Rank: 800
S Rank: 1600

Defensive Spell Power:
D Rank: 150
C Rank: 300
B Rank: 600
A Rank: 1200
S Rank: 2400

Damaging AoE Spells:
D Rank: 75
C Rank: 150
B Rank: 300
A Rank: 600
S Rank: 1200

Buffs or Debuffs:
D Rank: 5 Stat points
C Rank: 10 Stat points
B Rank: 15 Stat points
A Rank: 20 Stat points
S Rank: 25 Stat points

Each person has a max of 3 S Rank Spells, 5 A rank Spells, 8 B Rank spells, 12 C Rank Spells and 15 D Rank spells total (key users can have up to 12 keys total). Secondary magic and Tertiary magic may only have 1 A Rank, 3 B Ranks, 5 C Ranks and 7 D Ranks (you can chose not to have a tertiary magic an double the amount of spells of your secondary, but only until you unlock your tertiary magic slot). Damage from weapons can only be dealt up to 4 times per post to each target, this way, their damage won't be spammed to insta-kill someone with a 100 hit combo or something similar. Damage from weapons can be measured by the following numbers and their respective ranks:

D Rank Weapon: 10
C Rank Weapon: 20
B Rank Weapon: 30
A Rank Weapon: 40
S Rank Weapon: 50

Mixing Spells: At C Rank, you get the ability to mix spells in order to throw a single one combined. When combining spells, the damage dealt by it will be the one the strongest spell among them deals, so if you combine a B Rank with a C Rank, it deals B Rank damage. But by combining the spells, the launched spell will have the abilities of both spells and it obviously needs to make sense, you won't combine a thunder dragon roar with muscle speak boost to make a flying thunder muscle, I mean, just keep it realistic.

Celestial Key Magic:

Celestial Key Magic is a magic based on summoning celestial spirits with golden or silver keys in order to fight. When you start a character, instead of starting with the base 4 D rank spells, you start off with 2 Silver D rank keys. Each key may have 2 spells of their Rank, so each of those 2 keys may have a total amount of 2 spells each. Each Rank up, the key user may get 1 more key equal to his new rank, this means when he gets to C rank, he'll receive a C rank silver key with 2 C rank spells instead of the spells he's given.

Each spirit will be given a specific amount of stats in their creation. Upon creation, the user can spread a total amount of stat points equal to three times his intelligence stat without passing the user's stat point limit. For example, let's say you have 20 points in intelligence as a D rank. Three times 20 is a total of 60, but the max amount of stat points for a mage is 50, so the number of stats for your spirit is reduced from 60 to 50. Now, below, you'll find the template to make a Spirit instead of normal spells.

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of the spirit)
[b]Rank:[/b] (Rank of the key)
[b]Description:[/b] (Appearance and personality of the spirit.)
[b]Strengths:[/b] (Strengths of the spirit)
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (Weaknesses of the spirit)
[b]Cooldown:[/b] (Amount of posts for the spirit to be summoned again)

Now, at D rank, you can only summon 1 spirit at a time. At B rank, you get the ability to summon 2 and at S rank, you get to summon up to 3 at a time. But, if a spirit is taken down and defeated, you won't be able to summon it again until the end of the thread. A celestial spirit mage will be able to buy normal spells to equip to his/her spirits or he can purchase more keys to summon. You can have a max of 1 S rank key and 2 A rank keys. If a key is defeated, you receive damage equal to 1 time the rank of the key defeated. Also, keys won't heal until the end of the thread.

When you reach B rank, you can decide to have secondary magic slot or a star dress (or star suit for males, but for convienence we shall simply refer to this as star dress) slot. If you chose to have a star dress slot, you'll be able to have star dress in exchange of your secondary AND tertiary magic. With star dress, you can use chose to absorb the power of a spirit to gain their exact stats and losing yours and you gain the ability to use their spells. If the original spirit is defeated, the star dress will end and will enter in the same cooldown than your spirit. While the star dress is on, you count as 2 summoned spirits.

Slayer Magic:

The main system of a slayer will be the normal system we use for any other type of magic. But being a slayer indeed gives the user a few advantages over other mages. First of all, slayers have the ability to consume their own elements to gain power from them.

Any type of Slayer (Demon, God or Dragon) is able to consume spells equal to his rank or below. If he does, the slayer must give up one of his spells equal to the rank of the spell eaten. The spell given will only enter a 5 post cooldown, but it can be given for this if it's already in cooldown and has to be the exact same rank. Also, these same slayers, may eat any other form of their element without being a spell in order to gain 3 points for each rank (D being 3, C being 6 and so on) in speed, strength and intelligence for a single post (this isn't accumulative). This will also apply by eating a spell but still won't be accumulative.
Note: Sky and Light slayers will also be able to consume their element from the area, but it won't increase their strength stat unless they eat a spell. With shadow slayers, they'll be able to eat dark elemental magic and shadow magic, but no natural shadows.

Dragon Force: This can only be activated by a dragon slayer by eating a spell of his element 2 posts in a row or 2 times in a single post. Once this happens, he'll duplicate the stat bonus gained by eating their element and will give it a 5 point duration. If the dragon slayer is a 3rd generation dragon slayer, he'll be able to activate this effect without any element consumption, but only once per thread using this method.

God Element: Gods are known to be holy and possess pure powers. For a god slayer to actually become a god slayer, he must be able to defeat one using it's opposite element, darkness. This causes any type of God slayer to gain a dark color around their element and makes it possible for them to defeat such entities. The god element won't be able to be consumed by dragon slayers or demon slayers, but god slayers are able to consume both their natural and dark hybrid element.

Demon Element: Demons are known to be evil and possess dark powers. For a demon slayer to actually become a demon slayer, he must be able to defeat one using it's opposite element, light. This causes any type of demon slayer to gain a white light color around his element and makes it possible for them to defeat such entities. The demon element won't be able to be consumed by dragon slayers or god slayers, but demon slayers are able to consume both their natural and light hybrid element.

Note: God and Demon slayers won't be able to have tertiary magic.

Slayers won't be able to have a tertiary magic, but instead, when they get to B rank, they can chose to have a secondary magic or not. If they chose not to, at A rank, they'll have the opportunity to chose to become a 3rd generation dragon slayer or a hybrid dragon slayer.
By becoming a Hybrid slayer, you'll be able to chose your second element as a Dragon slayer, this way you'll be able to use spells from both elements and even consume both elements.
By becoming a 3rd generation slayer, you'll be able to use dragon force only by willing to once per thread. This way you basically have dominance in your element.

Re-equip and Takeover:

These two magics will have specific systems for their spells. First of all, a mage with any of these magics will have the same starting spells than any other mage. A re-equip/takeover mage will be able to change any one spell for a equipment or transformation of the same rank.

Partial: Partial transformation and equipment can be things such as a gorilla arm or a sword, simple things that won't be completely changing or covering your body. These can be any rank and each will come with a passive (can me made active if the user wishes)
Full: This can be the full set of an armor or a complete transformation. These have to be at least B rank and will gain a single passive. When someone makes a full spell, he/she must list all partial spells involved, so when the spell is used, the person gains all passives.

With these magics, they may still have spells which can only be used with specific fulls or partials. Also, when you use a partial, it occupies a space in the user's body, so the user won't be able to handle 5 shields or 3 tails at the same time unless stated specifically. Also, only one full form or armor may be used at a time.

Holder Magic:

Holder magic is any type of magic involving the use of an item. When creating this type of magic, the system will be the same than a caster magic, but when in creation of your item, you may use the following template to create it:

[b]Description:[/b] (any ability or powers of the item. Also include how it looks)
[b]Passive:[/b] Each holder item may have 1 passive.

When having a holder magic, you can only have spells relying on that item and can only cast them with that item. If they lose the item, they won't be able to cast spells. Also, if the item is a sword or melee item, it can hit or attack the enemy with the same power than a normal basic attack, so it won't deal more damage than it would normally do.

Summoning Spells:
Summoning spells or magics, will be considered a normal magic and won't count with any of the above systems. But when a Summoning spell is created, have the option to give it a spell, or stats (just as a spirit key would). The summon must have a duration and cooldown, and if they have no stats, they aren't allowed to fight and the damage this summon can take must be specified.

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