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Antlers? Oh Deer!

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Antlers? Oh Deer!

Post by Aviela on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:03 pm

Name: Antlers? Oh Deer!

Location: Worth Woodsea

Rank: C

Poster: Greetings Wizards. My name's Terrance Pope and I own a nice cabin out here in Worth Woodsea. I'm a hunter around these parts and use the game I hunt to make expansions on my home. My next project involves a large amount of antlers, which I'm sure you can snag from some deer around here. If I were any younger I'd do the deed myself, but my days of stalking are over. You'll have to at least get antlers from a dozen deer so I have twenty-four to work with. And you can bring the body back with you if you want; venison is a tasty meal.

Description: Go to Worth Woodsea to hunt deer for Mr. Pope and get their antlers for him! It'll be your choice whether or not to bring the deer bodies to him, but be warned, not doing so will result in a lower reward!
Minimum of 18 posts. Decreased in 2 posts if done with a partner.

Reward: Follows system. Lose 250J for every deer you kill and don't bring the meat back.

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