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Desara Arielle

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Desara Arielle  Empty Desara Arielle

Post by Desy The Catwoman on Sun Oct 04, 2015 4:26 am

Desara Arielle
"I'm Desy, I'm a Catwoman. I have the power to destroy your house and turn you in to a gibbering wreck. I am the Thundercat, the mistress of lightning and you are.....pretty damn cute actually. Hi, nice to meet you!"

Basic Information
Name: Desara Arielle
Nickname/Title: Desy, Thundercat, Desy the Catwoman
Age: 24
Birthday: September 14, X1760
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Animal Hybrid (Cat)

Personality: Desy is a laid back and cheerful woman who almost always has a grin on her face. She is easy to talk to and can normally be found roaming the halls of her guild in either her human or cat form and she makes a point of meeting all of the members of her guild at least once, in order to get to know them. Desy never thinks of herself as being the Master and acts more like a big sister to those who have joined Sabertooth. She is also be quite the flirt on occasion which can sometimes make others feel uncomfortable, it's not deliberate, just her way. She is also known as the greatest drinker in Sabertooth, a title that she has defended on numerous occasions.

In battle, Desy is usually the first one in and it is here that her feline instincts come in to play. She becomes immensely protective of those who fight alongside her, thinking of them as her pride. Almost entirely offensive, Desy tears through the enemy lines, combining her great physical strength with her powers of lightning. She finds it difficult to draw the line once she engages in battle and those who wish to spar her are always warned of this fact. Desy does enjoy the thrill and passion that comes from combat and she holds a special place in her heart for those who feel the same way.

Physical Appearance
Height: 5'7
Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color/Length/Style: Desara has long, wild blonde hair which runs all the way down her back. She also has a bang on each side of her head and a long fringe.
Eye Color: Gold
Desara Arielle  Tumblr_inline_ncwx0rExCU1rrmvxz
Special Characteristics: Due to being an animal hybrid, she has a pair of cat ears at the top of her head and a long tail.

Character Information:
Guild: Sabertooth
Guild Mark Location: Her right thigh.
Guild Mark Color: Yellow

  • Strength - 100
  • Speed - 85 (5+ Race Boost)
  • Endurance - 60
  • Intelligence - 10

History: Will be explained at a later date. For now, let's just say that she's been to a few parties in her time. :p
Face Claim: Leone from Akame Ga Kill
Referral: Me! :D
Other Accounts: Main
Desy The Catwoman
Desy The Catwoman

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Character sheet
Name: Desy
Magic: Thunder Fire Hybrid Dragon Slayer

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