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Saint Darrell Frank

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Post by Saint Darrell Frank on Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:50 pm

Saint Darrell Frank
Nickname/Title: Death Jr
Age: 100 plus years ( he has the youth of a 21 year old man )
Birthday: x1684
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Host ( god of death also known as Death or grim reaper )

Personality: Darrell two very different sides or well views he has his saint side and his host side. Saint Darrell Frank is a pacifist and would rather talk then fight seeing how he was raised by nuns. He is a very emotional man crying rather its tears of joy or sadness. Darrell will try to see and bring the light out in everyone even the most evil of people. Also he always says amen and thank the heavens if something good has happen. He's always smiling too rather it's a sad mad or glad smile it's a smile.

However Death on the other hand is a mercenary like being who shows no mercy. He would kill even a entire village just to kill the one who ran into it. Death sees every one has the heavens greatest mistake and wishes nothing but the worst of them. He would never admit it but he would use even his closest allies to get his way. But he seems to keep people at a distance because if they touch him the omen of death would come about.

Physical Appearance Darrell has light brown skin that of coco. But death looks like nothing more then bones.
Height: Darrell is 5"8 Death is 6"5
Weight: Darrell weight is 150lbs but Death weight is 50 lbs
Hair Color/Length/Style:he has short white sluggish hair however Death has no hair being bones.
Eye Color: Hazel
Appearance: He wears the standard priest clothing. Which is the all black clothes they wear. He has a rosemary charm which he is never seen without. Death on the other hand is seen wearing a crown on his head which is regarded as him being the god of the underworld. He wears a royal purple robe with black fur. He always seen holding a giant axe. Blachish purple smoke is always seen around him.
Special Characteristics: Darrell always has a sliver rose in his ear the right side.

Character Information:
Guild: guildless
Guild Mark Location: on his right forearm
Guild Mark Color: black

  • Strength-
  • Speed-
  • Endurance-
  • Intelligence-

History: Saint Darrell Frank was born into a church by a young woman whom gave birth to him im the middle of a rainy night. The head sister Noelle Frank help deliver him to the world. His mother smiled after she would birth him only to died soon after not knowing if he was a boy or girl. The odd thing about this is sister Noelle witness a mark she had on her forehead disappear as her life did. It was against the law for nuns to keep males however Darrell was a special case Noelle name him after herself having grown affection motherly love for him. She trained him in the ways of her lost magic of reaping. Years pass when mother Noelle died of old age giving Darrell a rosemary charm as a gift to protect him. However on his 21 birthday demons attacked his home town killing hundreds. Darrell was one of the ones to almost died that was until Death appeared. The dying God of the underworld seeing the dying saint decided to enter his body. For two reasons one to reap the invading demons and two to prolong his on life. But in doing so after he defeated the demons he was stuck inside his host. he decided to stay in Darrell as if he had a choice but his personality switches with Darrell often. To this day the god of death have been missing to the heavens he appears then disappear without a trace turning back in to the saint Darrell. This was 100 years ago.

Face Claim:Darui from naruto,Espada 2 from bleach.
Referral: from another site.
Other Accounts: main

Name: Saint Darrell Frank
Magic: cruse

Saint Darrell Frank

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